Better Days Ahead for D2?

From Matthew Cederquist this last winter-

"We feel you and understand immensely. We play each Ladder as well, and get stung by the same feeling.

I wish we could go into more detail in regards to anti-cheat, but for now (even though it seems like nothing is being done for years) know that we’re moving towards better methods to create a safe and enjoyable playing experience for everyone in the future."

This was in response to a poster succinctly capturing the problem. To paraphrase, that oof feeling of finding the super rare item only to discover that several bots are face smashing /players 8 making your find trivial.

Better days ahead? Botters should be scared.

Turn that frown updside down and let’s believe?

Edit: - I can’t add more spaces between paragraphs to improve the readability, you will have to just make your way through it lol.
Also, did you know that half the population reads at an elementary grade level? Is that incredible? Almost a sixth of American adults can’t identify who has the most votes when the candidate names and votes of three candidates are listed on a table. We must mostly all be well above the curve to be posting on a forum lol.