Beta not there OW2

I got an email saying that I was invited to the Overwatch 2 beta but when I go to game versions its not there. It’s the right account, I restarted my computer and everything is updated. Anyone else experience this??

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yep, same here. Don’t see anything posted anywhere though…

Same here. Only available option is “Overwatch” I can’t even see the PTR server

Same here! Tried updating launcher and still no luck.

Same here. I’ve restarted the launcher so many times

So, I read in another forum switching regions would solve it. I tried it and it worked! here are the steps I took:

  • swap region to asia
  • launch OW 1
  • exit OW 1
  • log out / exit launcher
  • log back in
  • swap region back to Americas

Credit to: [ANŬSTART]

Hope it helps!

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This worked for me. Thank you!