Beta Launcher recent change

Last night I noticed that suddenly there were options missing on the right-click menu for the launcher.

This shows the current menu options for the Beta launcher:

This shows the current menu options for the Standard launcher:

I would really prefer to keep those options shown in the Standard launcher menu. They are very helpful for moving around in the launcher and the games.


Yup I’ve switched back to the standard launcher because of this. No idea why they’d remove them, since you now need to click multiple times to view your friends list, as the social page doesn’t even list your friends unless you’ve recently chatted to every single one of them.

On top of that the links to the games & shop page were also removed for whatever reason, I’m hoping it’s a bug & gets reverted soon, but until then I’m back to the standard launcher.

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Came here to say this as well. ^

Removing “Friends” and “Games” tabs is super clunky and obtuse design.
There is now no way to get just your Flist popup / Game list without going into some other tab then clicking to the tab you want. I never use the Social tab but I do use my friends list constantly so this is a pretty unenjoyable change.

The “Game” one wouldnt be a big deal since it lists them all out when you right click - but there’s one problem - there is NO WAY to launch WoW Classic from right clicking the taskbar. It HAS to be done from the Game Menu. If you click the WoW Icon it launches retail - even if you havnt been on retail in ages and have the launcher set to WoW Classic.

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