Beta having issues with unmatching regional versions in SC2

So, at the time of this post, there’s a technical issue going on with the EU region of SC2 that doesn’t really have anything to do with the BDA iteslf ; however, I’m writing just to show that the beta version of the BDA is having issues dealing with the tech issues. It makes it appear that something is wrong with the BDA, rather than SC2.

The regular launcher is behaving normally. Americas and Asia show the “Play” button, and EU shows an “Update” button (due to the EU tech issues). So the regular BDA seems to understand what’s going on and is displaying things properly.

AM and Asia with “Play”:

And EU with “Update”:

However, the beta BDA doesn’t seem to be able to deal with the differing regional versions. Despite the different versions, all three regions have a “Play” button:

However, EU’s Play button is dead, as in, it does nothing when clicked. It doesn’t change to “Launching”, SC2 doesn’t launch, zip. Trouble is, this doesn’t give any indication that something is wrong on the back end. It makes it seem like the BDA itself is malfunctioning.

Maybe it’s the auto-updating nature of the Beta? Maybe it can’t reconcile two different SC2 builds in an auto-push situation?