Bestiary page reward been the same all week

I’ve gotten the Hellion/Bog Creature bestiary page for I think 5 days in a row now. Clanmate says he’s also getting a repeated page every day.

Never had this issue before the update to try to make 1st turnins each day more likely to be a new page. Kind of think it picked a new page and then just stuck on it for every future turnin.

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Same issue here… I keep getting the Hellion/Bog page every day.

I’m up to getting the same Hellion/Bog Creature page 8 out of 9 days now. I had 1 day in the middle there I finally got a different entry and hoped the bug was over, but last 3 have been Hellion again.

This has been happening to a lot of people since they updated the bestiary rewards. We’re supposed to have a higher chance to get a new page on first turn in for the day but instead we’re getting the same Hellion/Bog Creature page every time.