Best PvM Necromancer build?

So i’m curious what everyone thinks is the best Necromancer build for PvM. Currently i’m running a Fishymancer and I can’t really think of anything better.

The boss kills are kind of slow, but I figure it can be remedied by using Urdars for the CB, along with adding CB on my char or something.

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I don’t know what the best is, but I have a lot of fun playing revives, fire golem, ce and bone spirit. I like flipping through the curses, too. I’ve never used skellies past clvl 40.

Wow You Know Nothing But Barbs Huh?


What cookie cutter build do you use that you took 5 minutes to read about but never developed?

Now now, lets not get started assume’ing things. :slight_smile:

You’re right, 5 minutes was far too generous of a time frame for that person to read a 100 word guide.

There are things worth saying, and there are A LOT more things NOT worth saying. Lets leave it at that.

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If you don’t think what you’ve said isn’t worth saying, then why say it?

Which brings us back to the age old question: Was it the chicken or the egg?

It was the egg, it’s always the egg. The egg that the first chicken hatched from was laid by something that wasn’t the chicken, but an ancestor of the chicken.

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The chicken was a hybrid, a fluke, a production of two compatible species… The chicken was a success, so successful in fact that another species called human cultivated it for consumption, encouraged it, modified it through forced natural selection… We still have the egg, and the chicken… Although a bit more meaty.

Hybridization isn’t how evolution usually works, in fact it’s very rare outside of domestication. Adaptation to new environments is usually the trigger that leads toward a new subspecies and eventually a new species, then a completely new genus and so on.

Which brings us to canines… And my bedtime… Goodnite.

Canines and fish are my favourite topics, especially Canis lupus lupus and Canis lupus familiaris.

I mean I never really had the ambition to go deeper into other classes (besides barbarian) past how to duel against them xD

Anywho, fishymancer seems pretty legit.

As far as the chicken or egg, it’s a pretty sure bet the egg came first, according to physicists anyway.

With amniotic eggs showing up roughly 340 million or so years ago, and the first chickens evolving at around 58 thousand years ago at the earliest, others believe the safe bet is the egg came first.

My logic is that the predecessor to the chicken carried the dna of the chicken, but the actual dna soup of the first chicken started as an embryo in the egg.

I’ve never done much outside of melee, I find casters relatively boring as they are pretty much only enhanced by fcr and +1s. I like the Necro curses because I get to play around with them in a seemingly unlimited way.

On single player I have one necro, one sin, one sorc, one druid and 12 barbarians.

The best pvm necro build which I use every season to do Ubers with poor gear is
20 skeleton
20 skeleton mastery
20 corpse explosion
20 amplify damage
1 decrepify
1 clay golem
1 golem mastery
1 summon resists
Rest of points in revives

When switching to doing ubers I revert to only 1 point in amp and like 10/10/10 clay golem 10 golem mastery and 10 revives
That is because the higher clay golem slows combined with decrepify is very important with lesser gear.

Later with godly gear I switch to 1 point in iron golem and 20 in mastery to make the iron golem into a pride conc aura

But the 3 most important part is skeleton, Skeleton mastery and corpse explosion.
Never use skeleton mages, they are weak and do weak damage that isn’t amplified by auras except infinity

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melee skeletons and bone spear is pretty good too. i’ve always thought of that as the ultimate lazy necro build killing everything and everywhere. with enough skill boosts you can still make use of corpse explosion too, in thick crowds

I always felt like bone spear was agonizingly slow as far as speed killing pvm builds go. But bone spirit/spear is by far the most entertaining in my opinion. Just the feel of sending out spirits of death like heat seeking missiles is pretty satisfying.

A CE/skelly/revive necro is an awesome cow plow, too bad they nerfed the drops. :neutral_face: