Best Muling Practices

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to transfer items between characters when playing solo? I’ve thought about using another account, but I’m not sure if that is allowed. Any advice would be helpful.

The best practice is to mule your gear before you do your magic find runs. That way you’ll mostly eliminate any chances of being temporarily restricted due to creating too many games, joining too many games etc while you’re in the middle of muling with all of your items on the ground.

The games you create are now instantly permanent and will remain active for 5 minutes as soon as you create them even when no one is in the game. There was a point in time where you had to wait 5 minutes in game before the game was permed, but that is no longer the case. Make sure you password protect your game so no one can come in and take your shiny loot. Drop your items on the ground, leave and come back in with your mules to pick the gear up.

Rules to follow:

  • Stay in the game with each character for at least 30 seconds.
  • When changing characters, switching accounts, joining the game etc, wait 5 seconds on each screen.

That’s it.


Thanks for the reply. Tons of help.

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You don’t have to wait 30 seconds in game. You can join, drop and leave. And the only screen you have to wait 7 seconds on is the screen right after you leave a game, and when you’re resetting a characters 3 month timer wait 7 seconds after the character screen, on the next screen, before going back to the character screen.

Also, back before I discovered this system and shared it with this forum and the world, when Blizzard made the change to perm games for 5 minutes which I also discovered and shared with this forum, I made a video showing the different ways to mule. One of the ways was my idea here that everyone now uses and suggests, to do the exact same thing, because the old system was that the game would be up for 1 minute before it was deleted by the server. Everything was safe if you muled within that 1 minute.

When tethering off a phone my system works about 40 times in a row, and from my home internet I can do it 100s of times in a row.

just get a second cd-key.
you can mule easily, rush yourself, enchant yourself, bo yourself, etc etc etc.
makes playing on bnet much convenient.

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Just for clarity…
A second key set on a second pc (Latest Mac OS doesn’t work right now) or using a virtual machine. Don’t use a loader, it will get you banned (8).

I have been temporarily restricted for joining my mule game too fast with several characters, for example searching several mules for a certain item. Once I started staying in the game with each character for longer, I never got temp restricted again. This was also several years ago, perhaps they relaxed the time since then.

StuffedTiger and I recently did experiments. Mine involved leaving the game right after joining, he stayed in for a while like you do. We got the same results. I figured out my system back when I use to hoard everything and had about 30 mule accounts and 6 character accounts.

you don’t need a loader.
just rename folder of original d2 installation.
then install again.
voila you have 2 working copies of diablo 2, each with their own cd-key.

you can do this over and over to have multiple tabs of diablo 2 as long as you hve multiple cd-keys.

you will need sandboxie or virtual machine