Best Items 2021

Hey all. I play D2 LOD USEAST HC LADDER generally solo-self found in private games, however I’ll trade with player’s in order to acquire item’s of interest.

Wondering what some people’s best finds of the year are so far? My main this ladder is a trapsin w/ 317 MF, but want to build up a bowazon, a smiter for ubers, and a orballer sorc.

Found so far:
Ber rune - Hell lvl 2 pit
Sur rune - Hell Pindleskin
(The two HR’s were found 5 games apart the same day. Best mf day of my life ~15 years of playing)
Ist rune - NM Cows (Really surprised me, must’ve been low drop chance here)
Um rune - Hell Carver camp
SS Monarch - Hell Duriel for Q
HoZ - Hell Cata 2 during andy run
Arkaine’s Valor - Hell lvl 2 pit
26 Mara’s - Hell CS
Tal’s Armor - Hell WSK Throne Room

Pretty good for a month or so of playing off and on imo. Anyone else have some good finds? Good luck out there! :slight_smile:

I’m on US West with a soon to be clvl 88 hardcore whirlwind barbarian whom is 100% solo self found and leveled. I just got the Viper Amulet. My weapon is a 294% Bonesnap. I have 15% mf. The best rune I’ve found thus far is 2 x Pul, the only elite item, which I just found in AT, is Thunderstroke - given away unidentified in normal public game.