Being unable to play

i will be blunt.

Ever sense late Jan / early Feb when they forced the new launcher update with the new layout. I have not been able to play games reliably. The new launcher would lock my computer to the pount where i had to hard button turn off my computer to restart it.

Asking Tech directly would say the salution was to " update to the new launcher and it will fix the problem"

Well you see… the update to the new launcher is what caused the problem. and even if their was and update past the new launcher update i would not be able to get that because my computer would lock.

for a while i worked around this by using an old installer to install the old launcher in, play a game and then when finish, id have to uninstall the launcher due to update after game play session has ended it would restart the launcher, and when it came back with the new one it would… lock my computer.

now as of late somehow my old installer has been ( what i would put it ) infected and now instals using the new launcher and then… you guesed it. lock my computer.

Tech when this issue began. wasted 2 weeks of back and forth about how to fix this. most replies being “update to new launcher” which was impossible to do.

so. does anyone know how to fix this or am i just done with battlenet? if i am unable to play anything i would love to have a refund on all games because its not on my fault that blizzard cant program a simple thing such as a launcher.

Before any one asks. yes everything on the computer is up to date and yes im running windows 10.

You’ll be forced to the new launcher most likely, because it uses a mechanism to check your game licenses before you can launch them. Freezing the PC is not a known issue with the Bntet client, so it sounds like something else on your PC is causing a conflict with it. Most often this is security software that doesn’t have the proper allowances for the client.

That is funny. It only does it with battlenet launcher so i dont see how something is wrong with my pc(s).

Hell my backup pc can not even run it due to the same issue and the real only difference is that instead of windows 10 with gtx2060 its running a windows 7 64bit gtx1060. so on my end its not realy my pc that i am having a problem with, the launcher it self. So is their not gona be any attempt to ask any questions, think whats going on or is blizzard just gona flat out tell the customer that its their problem? Because *Nicole* did jack and poop to attempt to ask or answer any question

If not then how do i process refunds? because if i am unable to play then their is no reason to keep the games

Addendum: Normally when security software blocks a program or “app” from executing / running. It normally just stops its function. saying that my “security software” is not allowing the battlenet launcher to launch ( which it does function for a whole 5 to 10 secconds ) is stupid. because that would in no circumstance make the computer hard lock the way it does. Thats a battlenet problem, not security.

I’m a volunteer and offered the information I know about the issue. While I get that you’re frustrated, this is not the proper way to treat someone trying to help you, regardless of what you think of said help.

Customer Support handles that through the ticket system only. Returns are up to Blizzard’s discretion and not guaranteed.

In short, this problem isn’t happening for millions of players, so I pointed to the most likely cause. Blizzard has lots of troubleshooting support documentation available, which may be of help.

I understand that you are a volunteer and all. but that offered of information was not what you call help but more of a statement that did not have any help along with lack of knowladge on secuirity software and how they operate with programs with out “proper allowances”. can you imagine if windows defender or avg, norton, avast just locked up your computer because a program was not white listed?

I do reconize the reply but i do not appreaciate when tech help or any one attempting to help throw in random statements that have nothing to do with figuring out the problem or offering solutions. I also do not appreaciate condescending services for future reference.

I do understand that this issue might not be as wide spread like you say but after I made the orignal reply to Nicole I skimmed the the forums and found others with similar problems who also was met with no attempt of solutions. But what do I know outside of that I have 2 machines that have the same problem.

If blizzard has support documentation then what are they documatating? How can one view it? Would it actually contain information that would help? Alls I find is nothing of help so far.

In short. I am looking for some concrete solutions and not blanket / knee jerk statements. Shall we start this over and work togeather on this?

According to them. Blizzard does not do refunds even thogh it is offered. A friend tried yesterday (tuesday) on a perchased he did on monday and they said that it was to late to do a refund but it was only a day after he made a purchase

Addendum: 17 days and no update from any tech or a “volunteer”.

Also no explination why a security program would LOCK up the computer if a program is not white listed.

So i decided to take it upon my self on edited the battlenet launcher files to take up less resources from the proccessor and function ( barely ) enough to be able to update games and launch them but still lags the living ( shazbot ) out of my processor. but hay now i can atleast update my game and manually launch them with out a launcher to play them.

support is a 0/10 never do it again. forums -1/10 maybe do it again in the future. the fact that i had to go and mess with the files my self and do trial and error makes this ( shazbot ) retarded.