Becoming a shadow quest

I attempted to join the Shadows with my original character, only to not be able or allowed to finish the quests nor join. I created another character and was able to complete the quests and join without issue. Is there some way to fix this without losing my character, stats or inventory or levels?

Hey Konor,

Are you in a clan? If so, it’s possible that your clan leader has already collected the 30 signets but has not converted the clan. Because the 30 signets have been reached, you can’t submit your signets. Or, you submitted your signets but you’re stuck waiting until 30 are reached because the clan is inactive.

The only way around it is to leave the clan and run through the process solo.

Here’s a tutorial on how to work around the issue.

No, that char is not in a clan and is unable to join any type of clan period. That char is also unable to get rid of the quest it is on. It says to talk to the Mysterious Patron and I have spoken to both of them, in the court of whispers as well as westmarch. The one in the court of whispers has nothing to offer me and the one in westmarch shows spectate the rite and akeba’s memory, neither of which helps me to continue the quests. Once I get done with akeba’s memory I have no signet at all, when I had multiple ones before.