Be careful buying Vessel of Hatred Pre-order bundles on PSN

I got excited about the announcement today and logged into my PS5 to grab the pre order. Problem was I was only presented with the deluxe edition on my dashboard beside D4.
I got the deluxe bundle then logged into D4 to check out the instant unlocks that came with it. I saw people with golden wings i hadnt seen befoee and it dawned on me i might not have gotten the top tier bundle. I looked through the in game menu’s for the upgrade to ultimate but it doesn’t exist. Playstation is making the upper tiers unavailable for purchase after you pick one. I want all the goodies that come with ultimate but am not allowed to buy it. So, I went to playstation support for a refund, in hopes that would reset the options available to me. Playstation policy denied me my refund stating i had already downloaded the content of the pre order. That’s a big problem for blizzard that because of the cosmetic unlocks in the game playstation is recognizing the content non refundable and thus, not allowing PSN users to correct their purchase to ultimate. That’s costing blizzard money. I’d like to know if there will be an upgrade option available soon , like there was (but seemingly no longer, that option is gone too) for D4 ultimate edition? Or will i just be stuck with my purchase and denied accesss to the armor sets, wings and currency?

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer, just having the same issue. I hope an upgrade path for pre-orders is made available.

Unfortunately this is totally the wrong forum … in no was is this forum labeled support and there is probably only 2 teams members for this “service” and we have seen no blue posts in months i would go to your games forums and post their