BDA beta is forcibly altering sound settings on launch

Meowrs! :slight_smile:

It appears that the BDA beta version that is currently the latest release is changing sound settings (on both OSes) from whatever they may be at the time of launch to stereo @ 48 KHz.

I typically use 96 KHz @ 24-bits 5.1 surround, but whenever the BDA is launched, it reverts to two channel @ 48 KHz, 16-bit. The result is that any game that is subsequently launched via the BDA inherits the now forced stereo @ 48 KHz/16-bit instead of surround or whatever the user had previously set in the OS. This means games like World of Warcraft that support surround sound will output in stereo only, and likely at diminished quality vs. the user’s preferred settings.

Skype used to do this, but they finally fixed it a year ago. Please don’t make us wait that long for a fix. Good sound is important to your players and only enhances your games.

Edit: Narrowed down to windows client only. Mac client is OK.

Edit 2 (12-23-2019): This is still occuring with the Windows client, only now the sound is OK until you click on something that updates the window. At that point the audio reverts to what is stated above at the system level, still preventing games from inheriting surround sound.