Battlenet will not lauch a game and will not delete the game

battlenet says that it isnt the correct version of the game, i just played it not even a day before. and it says the best thing to do is delete and reinstall but there is no option to delete the game, and when i try to do it through the apps on my pc, battlenet gives me an error code. i am getting so irritable becuse theres no way to contact cutsomer support and the only thing to do is sit on my hands and wait because theres nothing i can do.

Blizzard does not even have sound on the Hearthstone app, so it’s possible that they don’t have sound or other require d’ables on the desktop app. They forget to put things that are essential to the game in it and force you to download them in order to make the game work.

It is unfair to be forced to download things that do not have anything to do with the game. If you have enough downloads, sign a petition saying that blizzard forcinelgn too many downloads is unlawful.