server crash ITEMS LOST in Australia has been crashing recently and the last one has resulted in the loss of three of my high levels runes being traded between characters. How do I get Blizzard to undo this? I certainly don’t play for hundreds of hours on their laggy servers due to not actually providing one for the oceanic region only to have my time completely wasted due to their own issues.

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I am sorry Crynn but there are no restoration services for Diablo 2. WoW is the only Blizzard game with a Restoration support tool, and even that is limited.

If you drop items on the ground to trade between chars that has always been a risk in D2. I started playing it on Dial up…so I have lost a fair number of things too over time. The only way to prevent that is to use the character trade window.

Very frustrating given they’ve never offered shared stash increased stash size. Being in Australia I can’t really play in groups as I wouldn’t get to pick up anything or sometimes even hit anything due to the lag so it’s rather difficult to play with a community.

Thanks for the reply though.