saying my phone number is prepaid asking me to add my phone number, adding my number and it’s saying my number is a prepaid, which is crazy cause my phone is a postpay number. Went through support and they haven’t response to me yet. I guess by the time they response to me the beta would be over.


This is happening to me as well, I bought the Vault edition 4 days ago specifically to “get early access to the open Beta on Sept 22” (today) and now after being installed its saying my number is prepaid… Support responded with…

“I checked on the phone number provided in the contact details here and found that it is being reported as a pre paid phone number”

what does this mean? I literally clicked on an advertisement for open beta and bought the game?


yeah they want some bulls**t phone number, they are quite literally not letting us play the game we paid for lol, already trying to refund the damn game, terrible company.

and did you fixed it ? and may i know how you did that ?

kind regards

this same thing is happening to me! Tried to add my phone number so i can play OW2 and it keeps calling my phone a prepaid. They ignored my ticket too! im so beyond angry rn. shame on blizzard!


I’m having the same problem — my phone is not pre-paid, yet Blizzard is convinced it is. Has Blizzard resolved this problem for any of y’all?


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