NOT responding

everywhere ive read says this is a temp ban. i just legally bought 2 new f****** cd keys. Today. im not using VPN and im on my own home f****** network. wtf are you people doing to this game. i got MAYBE 3 hrs of gameplay before this BS


Same problem, I’d give you a solution if blizzard support still existed, can’t call them, live support them or send tickets

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its incredible. should be thankful people still pay to play this game.

IF you just bought the game try running as admin to patch and get on bnet for the first time. After that run as a normal user or it won’t connect.

Also, were you previously banned or locked out? It could be an upheld suspension of the accounts and any subsequent cd keys or IPs introduced to an account could be locked out.

I just re-install the game 3 day ago and today i buy some gear and when i was tempting to connect the account mule i was out of battlenet and now it write battle net is not responding…what the f…

Same problem 4 day not responding I switched hotspot on phone and play d2 no problem with login on mobile interne
But how much time I have to waiting

same and no response…