'Battlenet News Update' Screen in Classic D2 Client Not Loading

i have 2 cdkeys, and so set up D2 Classic on 2 PCs. they’re both using the same os win 7 ultimate/same configuration, both set up more or less at the same time. on one of them ‘Battlenet News Update’ Screen in Classic D2 Client is not loading any info on the left. not just today, always, only realised this when i set up the second client, that my main client had always not loaded info.

And the one that does is showing latest news : December 2017 lol! ‘Asia 2 and Asia 3 will be merged into…’

ATM i have both clients logged on to USWest.

this is the screen AFTER you select your character but BEFORE you select whether to enter chat room, create new game or join a game.