BattleNet Launcher Not Installing

This is a summary of the events over the last 6 days.

Log in after spending the previous night playing Overwatch 2 for hours on end, and open the Battlenet launcher to see an Update, “Only 25 MB”. Attempt #1 of ~10 of updating OW2: “BLZBNTAGT00000BB8, cant update lol”.

So I attempt numerous times (in multiple ways) and eventually, I give up and just attempt to reinstall the app to see if that works. I open up the installer after deleting the app, and see the following message: “BLZBNTBTS000007D0, plz try agan lol”. So I spent the next few days doing this,

List of things I have attempted (only like half)…

  1. Running as admin.
  2. Clearing WMI Repository.
  3. Complete Network Reset.
  4. Complete removal of ALL anti-virus/firewall.
  5. Running as a different admin profile.
  6. Resetting router.
  7. Updating all network drivers.
  8. Updating all hardware drivers.
  9. Uninstalling all non-essential network applications.
  10. Install while running VPN.
  11. Going into properties and giving SYSTEM access (desperate).

I’ve scoured every forum post in existence for a scrap of knowledge. I also sent a support ticket on the second day and no answer as of yet. The point of this post is to act as a beacon for other people having the same issue (unless I’m just insane and I’m hallucinating), and also to give me additional info about it, and/or get someone to help fix it.

Additional Info:
I believe that the part that is malfunctioning is the Update Agent blizzard uses, as the installations for the update and the app both failed at that point when it was updating. For example, when I try to install the app now, it reads the error code: BLZBNTBTS000007D0, and it always fails on “Updating Update Agent”. I also have up-to-date drivers and the latest Windows (20H2) version. Thx for any help y’all can provide.

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I am having the same problem, and preformed the same steps to fix. I found in the setup log that there are “fetch attempt limit reached for download request ID 1” errors. Do you have any errors like this in your setup logs?