Launcher Broke?

Friday night I got kicked mid game in warzone, due to launcher error.
Said error prompted me to run a scan and repair on warzone, which crashed every time it reached 87%.
I’ve restarted my PC
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling
I’ve deleted idx. files

All of the above has not worked, so I uninstalled Warzone, restarted my PC, and attempted to reinstall it…And crashed again.

Blizzard…Do you have an issue at your end???
If not, could you please help me out here.


I am having the same problem.

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I tried to download it on Google Chrome and it didn’t work. I then tried on Microsoft Edge and it started downloading immediately

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Well I have bad internet called HUGHES NET which SUCKS and lack of speed. Hopefully by the end of Spring or early or late Summer, Starlink internet will be up for everyone. It’s not out where we live yet. So yeah… in line for its customers. PS - HURRY THE FLUFF UP, STARLINK!

Almost every PC player i know is having this same issue. Scan/Repair tool crashes “Whoops something went wrong( BLZBNTAGT00000BB8)”… I’m having this same issue too. I have tried everything but nothing works… This issue is at the blizzards end. All friends of mine who plays on PC has the same issue… WELL DONE BLIZZARD. Would be really nice to have all my money back. Battlenet is broken.


This is the only thing that worked for me having tried all suggestions.


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Remove the 9 in url in previous post

This is the only thing that worked for me. Thanks for this.

I am having the same issues. Plz Lmk if u figured a fix out. i have tried everything

Please do not necro old threads or make multiple posts regarding the same issue. Look for current active threads matching the symptoms of what you are experiencing and if you do not see one, then make your own thread with the issue in the description and the details in the body.

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