launcher acting strange

When I run a game from any windows shortcut, in Start menu, on Desktop or something I’ve created. It’ll show the launcher, there it’ll show a blue unclicked play button, then after a second or two that button will say playing now and not be clickable, then it’ll go back to a blue play button. At no time does a game launch.

When I right click on icon in task bar and run a game from there, game instantly runs.

How do I get windows shortcuts to function properly?

I also have not found a way to not use after launching game to work, which I’d rather have my hardware used on the game rather than the minimized launcher, if there was a button to suspend the launcher process while any games are running, that’d be fine too. A game like Starcraft remastered I’m pretty sure requires the launcher running if you are using the cartoon skin?!

If this all is intended behavior, then itself is a strange program.