is not working

Same problem in Ireland, was in a game and it kicked me out

Yay thanks tech guys \o/

its back guys

Mines back up and running now, try restarting Blizzard or your PC

Solved. Thanks EA! :slight_smile:

Connected ! work again ?

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Same here… I re-installed the client and now it opens, but i cant connect to the server still

Bnet login and client works again for me now, but everything (online game menu) is slow af. Seems some intern played with the server patch cables lol.

same as everybody in france, got kicked out the game and cannot relaunch

Game is fixed. Give money to your IT! :@ They are hero.

Back up and running for me now, had to close the app in task manager then reopen, straight in :slight_smile:

It’s Working Fine NOW

Re-installed an d it’s working. COD will not need to re-install again

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Yes I have the same issue

Working now! Server is back up

açılmiyordu silip yükledim acıldı ama gırıs yapamıyorum

Delete folder C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment then its working… good luck too all

hmmm now it is ok to log in

Whats Happening ? my g

Thank you for your reports everyone! We’re aware of some issue with accessing the Blizzard servers at the moment. It looks like things are starting to recover now. Is anyone still having issues logging in?

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