Battlenet is not responding


I was playing diablo 2 recently and trying to login earlier in the week I got a “Battlenet is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes”. Despite trying to login waiting 2-3 days between logins and uninstalling and reinstalling the game the issue has persisted. Can someone look into my account and let me know if there’s some restriction on my account I’m not aware of and what I should be doing to be able to login again?


good luck my friend, been having the same issue for 3 days and the support team seems to be less than helpful. at best they’ll be able to let you know if you’re banned but not much else. i’m hoping for at least that much as at the moment i cannot log in despite changing my IP address, flushing DNS, reinstalling the game, trying to log in on a different realm, nothing works! and it doesn’t even ask me for my login credentials, it just goes straight to “checking versions” then hangs. that to me indicates it might be a networking issue but there is no way of knowing


Same issue here. Did this ever get resolved for you?