is not responding

I was playing and have been playing for over a month now I was just fine … all I did was in Lobby the chat lobby for D2 LoD on us East Ladder … I literally was just right clicking on people’s characters at the bottom of the channel and just seeing what people had in their profiles… All of a sudden it said please wait a moment then I clicked cancel and said well maybe it lagged on my character and I hit quit to go back to character selection… Man this is absolutely ridiculous I have my entire account geared up and idk what’s going on I didn’t do anything other than right click on people to look at their profiles like what is going on please tell me and lift this for no reason restrictions please

I didn’t think anybody read those anymore. Mine says something about being a Dungeon Master but after that, it’s a bit cloudy. I better review it.

To your issue, you can get a temporary restriction by right-clicking around too quickly on those profiles.

Usually, those type of restrictions only last for about 15 minutes.

Blizzard stopped caring about D2 LoD a while ago. I got banned for accidentally leaving my VPN on. Apparently I’m not getting unbanned because apparently no one has access to the unban commands anymore.

It’s now been 2 weeks and I still can’t connect.

10/10 Blizzard reply. No wonder they’re getting sued.