is not responding - DIABLO 2


Having in mind that most of the people are home office or are just being at home last and the next a couple of weeks, do YOU thiink that is normal such restrictions to be applied from your sde?

There are institutions that are supporting the people to Stay HOME in that period, but what are you doing ? Restriction my connetion?

Can someone look onto this and advise ?

I have some old cd keys and started trying to log with them 1 by 1, to see which is still working and which is not. Once I tried with one of the keys I got the following message and it is like this the 12 hours!!!


I just bought a new CD key for D2, the downloader for the setup wouldn’t work, got it from a friend in the end. Then the game wouldn’t update to most recent version, which finally did. Now when I’ve tried to get online to play with friends, is not responding so no connection. what the hell is going on blizzard??

Good Morning Matt,

It seems Blizzard do not care for this game anymore. They are just reseting the laddders and not doing any updates/improvements.

The game is still good, but if you dont support it, stop restricting the players to have fun. I am already 24 hours with “Checking versions issue” and nobody is replying me from blizz support or Where I can check how long this will continue? … no comment


I think that in order for to run it needs the latest patch version which is “1.14d”. Maybe it’s a restriction, yes … but I can’t think of any other reason why would they restrict a guy that didn’t even play the game yet ?
Check your version, if it’s older, uninstall - reinstall, it shouldn’t take long.


I am not sure if you are talking to me here, but my version was the last one and I was playing before getting the ""checkin versions issue “”.
I tried with re-installation, I tried with changing IP , still nothing - 36 hours ban up to now :slight_smile:

Well, usually the bans are IP, and you changed it or using a dynamic IP router then I’m not sure it’s a ban. Anyway the checking versions appear before logging in, yes ?

Whats the other option if its not a ban ? its giving me checking versions when i try to log in to b-net, then it says " B-net is not responding , please try again in a few minutes" . its 48 hours already :slight_smile:


Well, if you still have a problem with it and if you do have a phone with mobile data, try opening a hotspot and connect on it. Diablo 2 uses low-to-nothing data so there is no problem if your plan is metered.
Try it and give us an update.


Do you guys not have phones?!?

Jompy, I am having the same issues. I am on official travel and restricted to our rooms on base. It would be nice to get on again and play some classic D2. Not sure what the deal is but it needs attention.

I have a similar problem: I just bought the game (which suprisingly worked fine), and now, trying to download it is impossible due to a network error…

having the same problem i own all of my cd keys
but 1 cd key said already claimed on bn so now im
battle net not responding bs for 72 hours now

hey battle net you took my money for all my cd keys so how about some support now atleast a working phone number all these customers u have and only 1 automated phone number
where is your dedication to your customers

hey battlenet how about telling me which cd key is bad and i will show you proof of purchase for it fix your damn unfair bans someone is using my cd key i purchashed and i get a temp ban
where is the logic in that

Hey everyone,

Sorry to hear that, i am still banned ( Checking versions ) more than 1 week and I dont know what to do. I paid to play b-net. And why no one from blizz side is answering here ? If they do not support the game anymore, why they are applying restrictions at all ??

Just dont trust blizzard anymore :slight_smile:

Had the same problem myself. Just bought the game couple days ago but I was unable to the connect. People were saying that might be an IP ban so I have plugged my wifi router off for couple mins to reset my IP and it worked for me!