friends list issue also affecting in game friends

I had posted a ticket and was asked by the GM to post this here so that others would be aware.

There is a known issue with the desktop app with the friends list (favorites and notes) which is also affecting the friends lists in games.

This is the ticket:

I cannot remove anyone from favorites from my friends list in game. I also cannot add, change, or remove any notes from my friends list in game.

I made sure to close all programs and end all blizzard/ processes. Then I completely uninstalled and World of Warcraft. Then I deleted all folders from %APPDATA%, %LOCAL%, %PROGRAMDATA%, and %TRMP%. I also uninstalled twitch and Overwolf/Curse Forge.

Then I rebooted and made sure that they were all still gone/uninstalled/deleted.

Then I did a fresh install of and or World of Warcraft. No addons or anything. It still did not work. I still could not add or remove friends from favorites, or add, change, or remove notes from friends.

I then made a new admin account on my computer, did a fresh install of and World of Warcraft, and ran them as an administrator. Still no fix.

Is it possible that there is an issue with my or account data on blizzard’s side?

The response:

Your ticket has received the following response:

Howdy XXXX,

Game Master Ixzal here and sorry to hear about this situation with removing favorites. We have received similar reports and based on everything you have tried, this seems like a bug with the Blizzard app. We can forward this issue to the Bug team but I would also recommend reporting this issue on the forums:

In the mean time, you may want to try testing another computer to see if there’s any change.

Best wishes!

Still not fixed. Is anyone else experiencing this?

yeah my warzone or cold war are stuck in the ‘playing now’ I’ve reinstalled them both 3 times no change updated all my drivers too