Battlenet constant lag

Howdy fellas

I recently reinstalled Diablo 2 and I’ve been wondering about this lag issue. So let me clarify a few things and ask you this:

  • First of all, this is not a new issue. I’ve always had this lag while playing D2 on the battlenet, and it’s the reason why I (sadly) usually just give up and play local or TCP games.

  • Secondly, I’m not talking about huge lag spikes. It’s more of a constant small lag that makes almost every attack animation take a moment to trigger the creature’s “getting hit” animation.

The Ping:

  • While hosting a TCP game my ping stays between 15 - 30 (which is weird since I’m the host and it should be zero, but anyway that much is not perceptible).

  • While hosting a Battlenet game my ping stays between 50 - 300, with constant wild variations, which is enough to perceive that constant small lag I talked about.

I live near the East coast and choose the appropriate East gateway servers, by the way.

So do more people experience this? And is there a fix or workaround?

Thanks for any info!

Welcome to Battlenet. It’s been this way for a long time.

It’s probably nothing on your end, because it’s the same story for me, 30ms average with spikes up in the 300 range every so often.

Edit: I play on USEast as well.

same exact pings for me 30-300 spikes… so its gotta be a server thing… but whats weird for me is i get fps lag when i go online not as bad offline… i get the spikes causing net lag but why would going on bnet cause fps stutter when around town buidlings

For Windows 10 right click on d2 shortcut and left click on troubleshoot compatibility. Additionally you can download swen glide wrapper which was made for diablo 2 by a d2 fan. It doesn’t alter the game, just the video, changing hardware acceleration to software acceleration.

It’s all about latency. You want 28.8kps or lower.