bugged and games crash on launch

Today my Blizzard app is having trouble locating games, and WoW Classic gives me the blue screen of death on launch with the Video Scheduler Internal Error code.
I have followed the recommended troubleshooting; removed and reinstalled EVERYTHING, updated windows 10, video drivers and cleaned my registry. Still can’t launch WoW, and Overwatch also disappeared from launch menu. I can run any non-Blizzard game as normal, so I am not convinced its a hardware issue.
I had the blue screen start becoming an issue a few days ago but a simple restart worked. Now nothing works, help!

Me too, Game suddenly needed all my login info, needed help finding game folder for some reason… and now wont work… Thanks Blizz!

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Also happening to me.
If you’re using an external monitor try launching the game with it unplugged then plug it back after login. Running in windowed mode works but it’s windowed so yeah…