I have huge problem, I bought 2 tokens from AH a few months ago and converted them into balance, 1 token was 549 rub and 2 tokens were 1098, I thought I would be able to buy game time anytime, but then suddenly, playtime prices went up and with balance I can only buy 2-month playtime, which costs 1300 rub, I only have 1100 rub on my balance, when I try to buy 200 more rub, it says that “The amount entered is too low. Please enter a valid amount.” but in reality, blizzard says such thing “You can purchase Balance from the Shop using our Accepted Payment Methods. The minimum purchase of Balance is €1/£1.” 200 rub is 2.24 euro and it doesn’t let me add it, I cant understand what to do, I can’t even buy playtime cause of that, maybe any1 help me? I tried to contact support 3 times but they aren’t helping me with anything, maybe fix prices or at least let me add 200 rub on the balance