Battlenet balance pending waiting for too long

This is my last time when im buying a game from battlenet. i need to wait more then 1 day just to have my money in my balance. in this time , some games, like 2 days beta for preorder will finish. and in this cases for what i pay?


Im on 4 days waiting for balance because couldnt change payment option to buy dragonflight outright so added balance…4 DAY wait so far…says 3 on site…

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Did they do anything to make this right?
I’m at 1 day so far and counting…In the Battlenet menu said 10 minutes max…They Should right with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that it takes 3 or more so we are not getting baited!
There goes my hype for the game I wanted to buy…

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So how long did it take for you? They approved an anonymous card of J Doe within 1 hour, but I couldn’t mix payment options in purchasing Diablo 4, so I had to load more balance with my real card ; over 24 hours waiting so far… it takes more work to verify an anonymous card… this makes no logistical sense and shows me Blizzard just doesn’t want people to buy their games.

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Blizzard simply doesn’t care about its customers at all. This is absolutely insane.

Yeah same issue.
I wanted to use my balance, so I topped it up to the amount required to purchase D4.
I also bought my wife a copy and gifted it to her.
Same credit card yet my wife has half downloaded the game and I am yet to receive my balance.
This makes no sense what so ever.
Why is there such a delay?

Same problem. Had the difference for Diablo 4 split between two cards, so I figured I’d just get Battlenet Balance in order to side-step having to get all of the cash on one card. Now I’m sitting around and waiting for god knows how long waiting to buy my game. I don’t understand how it takes 1-3 days to verify payment but you took my money instantly. I shouldn’t have to sit on my hands for up to three days in order to pay for a game that I want to play.

This is the absolute worst, and is the last purchase I’ll ever be making from

Same here, came to rant to let some steam off. LOL I decided to buy D4, on my 15 year old account with pages of transactions from the same paypal. I was 20 euro short in my balance so I topped that. Must be really scary for Blizz. Need to investigate that 20 euro scam from me. And it says 1-3 working days so Im pretty sure Im not gonna get it today friday, but monday. And my well planed and anticipated weekend where I’ll be alone and will be able to play 24/7 goes down the drain. Over 20 euro LOL Thanks Blizzard. And Im not gonna pay the game with a card and spend my balance on something else.

Same problem. There is a 6-day long holiday here in Thailand. I used to live in the US, but moved here. I wanted to buy D4, but it keeps declining my card (most likely due to different region). When I tried to add balance instead of a direct purchase, it somehow got through, but the status was pending.

Now I have lost money and no game to play. Once Blizzard finally verify my payment, the game price is probably reduced to 29.99 already lol.

Blizzard is the worst game company I’ve interacted with. Unfortunately, Diablo is a franchise I have followed since young. Why can’t Diablo be made by other studio…