App on Apple Silicon Macs

I’m curious as to whether or not there’s an ETA on an Apple Silicon native (and/or Universal Binary 2) version of the app for Mac. You guys were phenomenal with getting day one support for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, but have since remained completely silent on all other games and supporting applications.

I’m not holding my breath for new things like Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo IV, or Overwatch 2 to come out for the Mac, but one would assume that we’d at least get some kind of word about whether or not pre-existing Mac games are making the transition and a rough timeline. It’d certainly be nice to find this out while Intel Macs are still being sold!


I honestly don’t get that they did WOW and for example not Diablo 3. I suppose they did WOW as it brings in some money and they could justify it.

I think however it is a mistake that they do not do the new Diablos at least. Perhaps the Mac market share needs to rise more…

I guess I probably need to get a PS5 if I can find one as I don’t want to go back to Windows.

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At least update the Mac apps that already exist. If it’s all going to be about Intel Macs until there are no Intel Macs and then Blizzard just drops support, that’s one thing. But even then, some communication on this would be nice. They bragged about getting Shadowlands out on day one and then have remained silent on the rest of their Mac catalog.


Nice to have WoW native but Blizzard needs to update other games.


what do we have 12 months after the introduction of the M1 chip to the market: and hearthstone still run ONLY in intel architecture
terrible performance of the hearthstone client on apple MacBook M1 (sometimes laggy, really heats up the MacBook at high graphic settings, consumes a lot of energy) also consumes too much power in intel architecture on arm macs
Blizzard pretends that these problems don’t exist


Would be really nice, if we could get some response from Blizzard… is there any ETA of a native app?

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+1 - shouldn’t be too hard a ‘roadmap’ to share. When will Battle Net be native?

Blizzaed is DROPPING support of any new games and present ones for Mac’s. Don’t expect anything in the m1/m2 gens. Overwatch and Diablo 2 R are Windows only so read the tea leaves and realize Apple games under them are DEAD !