app friend's list bug - Android

I have a Samsung device - therefore Android, and since Sunday last week, I have been having issues with my friends/chats list showing up. I have tried what’s suggested in the forums (connecting only to mobile network, clearing cache, restarting, reinstalling app) and the app will start, albeit slowly, show me as away, but my list of friends and chats won’t show. Sometimes if I leave it on for a long time and switch to a different app, then come back, it will simply show “no network connection” though.
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


I have some other issues too since last week. I’m unable to change my status (online, away, offline) and I’m also not able to change my profile picture anymore. My status is stuck on away, and most of my friends’ statuses are “away” too when it never used to be like that. I’m also on a Samsung, galaxy S8+.

UPDATE My app seems to be working fine now. Can adjust my online status and change my profile picture again.