App Does Not Launch, Install, or Uninstall

After several months of not opening’s launcher, I opened it and every game needed an update, but would refuse to update with error code BLZBNTBNU00000006. I attempted to fix this by using the repair tool which gave me the same error, restarting multiple times, restarting my computer multiple times, updating my computer, running virus scans, adding everything Blizzard to my antivirus and firewall exceptions, running as administrator, attempting to uninstall and reinstall the games and launcher through the installer as well as manually.
After removing the games and launcher, I attempted to download the installer and it just does nothing. I attempted several of the previous steps again as well as powercycling my modem, still nothing. It opens up a program in the background but no matter how long I leave it alone, it never comes up or does anything else. This also happened before, and trying to kill multiple instances of the program or killing the processes before restarting the app did nothing.
I am running Windows 10 and had no issues before now, with all my settings remaining the same, on an administrator account with full permissions. What else can I do? I also tried several other steps over the past few DAYS that I’ve now forgotten exactly what involving clearing the Windows registry, using command prompt, etc. What the hell is this problem exactly and how do you fix it? I’m unable to make any kind of suport ticket right now.