and Overwatch-Launcher creating duplicate mapped drives

I have 4 mapped drives on my windows computer. Everytime I open or launch overwatch, multiple mapped drives are created of the first network drive. I’ve tried uninstalling, overwatch, wow, and any other blizzard games from my machine. It still happens. I tried removing all mapped drives and it still happens. I uninstalled everything, downloaded a fresh copy of everything was fine. Went to install WoW and the mapped drive that was no longer even there is mapped. If I use cmd > net use I see the mapped drives assign to the letters. But the weird thing is once I restart they disappear. Right now if I simply launch explorer.exe becomes a mess and is very slow to react. And each time I open 3 of the mapped drives appear, even if they were already created. It starts at Z: drive and then works backwards until literally every mapped letter is used. The only thing I can think of, is that a while ago I had to reinstall windows and instead of having to download 100+gb worth of games from blizzard, I simply shared them across the network and copied it locally. Maybe the game knew about the path because of that?

The weirdest thing, is that it is so reproducible that it can’t be anything else. Everytime I open it instantly starts populating the mapped drives. I’ve disconnected all the map drives and waited an entire hour, no new mapped drives. I open and bam 1-3 new mapped drives and explorer.exe takes forever to respond.

I have never ran any games from a network drive, I have no blizzard files or any software of anykind on the drive it keeps mapping. There is no reason why blizzard should be doing this at all. And frankly, it’s super creepy.

Please, please someone help me. This is driving me insane and I think we can all agree this is 100% not acceptable behavior for a game to be doing this.