Agent Win Client Frozen - NOTHING WORKS

I have the App on Windows 11. My PC specs are Ryzen 7 5800X, 48 GB RAM, GTX 1660 Ti, I have more than 5 TB HDD/m.2SSD space. It’s not my system.

Every time I have opened the app to start installing MW, Warzone, or Black Ops Cold War (I purchased all three when they came out), I get it loads in like it’s going to load the games in the app, then it throws the code that I look up and the fix for doesn’t work.
It says, “ Update Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up…
More help: BLZBNTBNA000000005”

I have been through the troubleshooting for this error. I’ve closed all apps related to Battlenet including in the task manager. I’ve restarted the app. I’ve closed everything and uninstalled all folders to refresh, as well as Add/Remove Program to remove Battlenet and re-install the latest copy. I wanted to try an older version of the launcher, but alas they are saying there is none.

My app seems to be perpetually stuck on this error and WILL NOT LOAD MY GAMES or allow me even to view the games I’ve purchased.

I’m beyond upset because I switched back to PC gaming and sold my Xbox Series S and Series X and that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. PC gaming is such B.S. because of things like this. Some nice person please help out, I just wanna play COD on PC. LOL.

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