Battlenet account hacked

All of a sudden from today I caanot login in my battle net and when I tried to reset the password it says account not found. then tried with my phone number and also says the same. upon checking my email someone hacked my email and took the access of my battlenet account and deleted my email and phone number from there. I opened a support ticket almost 6 hours but didnt got any response from customer support yet. I have COD MW, COD MWII and COD MWIII in that account. ami card information is there as well. had to open a new account to post it here and open a ticket. Please support team I need help on it asap.

Hey redwanzaman,

The only course of action is the ticket you submitted.

Tickets like these are prioritized along with other similar tickets. Your turn in the queue will come up and support with get back to you soon.

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is there any way to escalate it? if I give you the ticket number as i have a private tournament tomorrow and I need the game asap. :cry:

Unfortunately there isn’t. But tickets of this type are prioritized so you are on the fastest track.

Any Update regarding this matter? been 22 hours + but didnt get any reply

MVPs are other players, so keep that in mind. The most greens can do is serve as a volunteer information desk. They have zero access to Blizzard’s systems. We can’t tell you the status of a ticket you submitted.

is there any customer support who can response or you can tag??

There is no one to tag because you cannot use the forum to bypass the ticket queue. They will answer your ticket as soon as they can.