Battlegrounds are broken

Battlegrounds should be based on CR rating much like the Helliquary bosses and upon attaining a BG level, have your level reset to the base of that BG level rather than reset them back to the bottom of the Bronze level. This will make battleground fights more evenly based and prevent players from avoiding the BG because they get dominated all the time. This might make it harder to get into matches when you’re below 60 but it will also prevent “easy kill” targets from weighing down a team or preventing someone from being able to contribute. This will, also, separate out the whales and have them play with each other, which also makes for a fairer fight. This will, as well, limit the number of times that players enter a BG and the only credit they get is the 3 rewards per day for participating, but not getting any points towards BG level.


I like the idea of everything you stated. However, I don’t feel as though you should be limited for doing just three battlegrounds and only receiving rewards and ratings for those three, it’s open 8 hours a day.

Also a lot of players came specifically for PVP that’s the only reason I came to Diablo Immortal was to start off from day one to do PVP and to get my levels up… However it does need to be fixed, it needs to be leveled out with the CR and Resonance.

Call of Duty is a perfect example for how they keep you with equally leveled opponents when you’re doing different matches.


agreed. Or you could have an option to nerf everyone to 60th or balance the teams. I mean i was just in a match where the top 6 of the opposition were almost 30 levels higher than the top person on my team. We got crushed and I lost points because of it. Yet i had no chance. So it’s very demoralizing. I’m only level 60 (7) the lowest of their top six was level (60) (50).

I worded it incorrectly in my last statement. I meant that it would limit the number of times that a player would enter the BG and not receive any awards except for the 3 participation rewards.