Battleground points calculation flawed

Can somebody please provide me with a detailed breakdown of how the points in the battleground are calculated? I cannot find anything online that explains the calculation.

I am currently playing on Legend rank and no matter how good I play or if I am MVP or last in the ranking at the end of the game there seems to be no effect at all on the points I gain or lose.

Currently I am gaining 13-14 points for a victory and I lose -35 to -36 points for a defeat no matter how I played which is extremely frustrating!! I even lost points as MVP! I spent an hour and won three games and lose one and didn’t make any progress at all. This is ridiculous! Especially because PVP is the endgame. There is nothing else fun to do. So hopefully somebody can explain the calculation system in detail so that I am able to play accordingly and finally gain some points again. Currently the calculation feels just arbitrary and buggy. At least it is not intuitive to understand.

To be crystal clear: I expect an answer from official Blizzard Support on this topic!

The average win rate on the leaderboards is about 50%. Which is not surprising because the grouping of players is completely random. If you get a flat 15 points (round about) for winning and lose a flat 35 point for losing as a group (without any noticeable modifier for individual performance), you can only lose over time.

For that reason I completely stopped playing Battlegrounds (and I know others that did the same) because the only way to gain ranks is to sit and wait for others to lose rank while they actively play. Think about how ridiculous this system is! This needs to be fixed ASAP!

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