will not download

I have tried several times and can not download the installer for Windows. I tried on both Firefox and Chrome and at multiple times throughout the day. This is frustrating as I have no other way to get my purchased games.

I tried to submit a trouble ticket, but it still wanted me to send all my system information which is a little extreme for an issue involving downloading a file.



The download gets about 50% and then fails.

I have tried all their troubleshooting steps from every post from the last 3 years, nothing has worked. Now I see you guys have already been waiting for an admin or developer for over a week now. Blizzard you do realize these are games we have paid money for, and now your crap new app can’t even be downloaded with any of the big 3? I got the mobile one to work on my phone in about a minute, so why the hell is it so hard to get the launcher when you already have our money?

Hey Rabiforged,

Im not a Blizz employee but if you can try another network it will download, I used my phone as a hot spot and boom but it eats your data pretty bad. If you can access your ISP firewall setting, turn it off for a sec and you should be able to download/log in.
I was stuck for 2 weeks like you and even resorted to formatting my hdd (it was new, so no big deal) and once I did this everything zoomed right in. Hope this helps, good luck.

I also can’t get battlenet to download the files. I managed to get the installer and started it up and the bar quickly stops at about the end of o in down and just basically hangs. I can NOT get hold of a wired internet. If this doesn’t download then I want a full refund of the d2/d3 mega pack. I am not giving $60 for nothing but load screen. Damn bullox. Fix this issue. You’re a rather large rich company so start CARING about your consumers.

maybe you need install again

i have the same problem and waiting for one solution