Battle.Net Service Not Properly Showing Offline Friends

As the title says. When playing WoW or Overwatch, or any other game using the Battlenet service (under assumption), friends are marked as away or AFK instead of properly showing offline.
In a tweet with Blizzard CS I showed an example of a WoW friend that is offline, but the Battlenet service simply shows them as away. (I can’t post the link here unfortunately.)
It’s persisted since this past (9/17) Battlenet maintenance, even through full shut downs of my PC. Other friends have reported the app behaving oddly as well, such as notifying when a message is received while in a game already.


i am also having this issue. some friends that are online aren’t appearing in game at all and some friends who have logged off are appearing as in game but AFK


Same thing happens to me.


Same issue. And I know exactly when it started, my friend played the MW beta on Thursday and I saw him in game for 4 hours. He later informed me he was only in for 10 minutes. We’ve had this issue ever since.

Repaired Bnet.
Uninstalled and reinstalled.
Deleted Battlenet folder.
Deleted cache.

This error also appears in the mobile app, though that seems to fix itself faster than desktop (windows). We will go into Overwatch, click to add group and given error ‘Player not found.’ Closing and logging out then back in only sometimes fixes.

We have both exited to desktop many times from Overwatch and still find we are ‘In Menus.’ I have screenshots where we were ‘In Menus’ for 15+ hours. We have done nothing different, the only difference is he played the MW beta.

Also affects other people on friend’s list, I show other players in games or certain status’ that are not correct (and confirmed with that friend).

Now we have no idea when each other is on without messaging but we shouldn’t have to constantly message each other every 5 minutes to provide our status or when we might be able to play.


sorry about your experience. Some functions are certain to malfunction but no deaddeath .com let me know if it has been fixed or if there is anything I can do to help.

I’m surprised this topic hasn’t been deleted yet like they do with all of these since 2013. If you google this issue you’ll see the topics appear on google, but all topics have dissapeared. I’ve been googling and posting about this for 7 years and it still didn’t get fixed, that’s why they never answer and delete the topics instead. Because they don’t know how to fix it without starting from 0.