Mac app only has China region to select

Battlenet Mac app login interface only has China region to select.
I downloaded the setup file from us battle net and I tried to uninstall the Battle net and re-install, it didn’t work so far.


Hey, Singularity! This tends to happen when the Blizzard Application is stuck in the wrong language and the current user profile is missing a language pack. A New Admin account should resolve the issue. If it continues, please contact our Customer Support team.

~/Library/Application Support/

Then change those to
“Client”: {
“Language”: “enUS”,
“LoginSettings”: {
“AllowedRegions”: “CN;US;EU;KR”,
“AllowedLocales”: “zhCN;deDE;enGB;enUS;esMX;esES;frFR;itIT;plPL;ptBR;ruRU;koKR;zhTW”

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