is not responding


I had attempted to login with a VPN on by accident.

it’s been over 24 hours

Am i locked out of Battle net? If i am for how long?


You will never be given a solid answer, because Blizzard is grossly mishandling the way these tempbans are triggered.

The worst of it is that they can’t (more likely refuse to) remove any restriction for any reason. Bots are still common in the game trying to hawk their digital goods, yet normal players get banned for even just hitting Alt+F4 to close the game quickly.

It’s kind of a joke.

The best thing to do is to wait. Hope you enjoyed paying presumably 20$ to just not be able to play your game :confused:


Yeah, VPN bans are said to be between 24 hours and 2 weeks after last joining with it. You might get an exact time frame by submitting a support ticket.

As for other connection issues, it’s usually players that have a high latency internet that have the problems. The best connection, and the only one recommended by Blizzard are low latency cable connections, and not have anything running in the background while connected to classic bnet.