is not responding please try again in a few minutes

When I try to connect to battlenet no matter what realm it gives me this message: Battlenet not responding please try again in a few minutes.

Could you please tell me what is wrong? Only thing that I’ve done today is logged in and joined one game. Then I logged out and now I get this message. Am I ip banned or what is this and why?

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We’ll get restricted if connecting with a vpn, proxie, web host or business isp. These can last up to two weeks after last attempting to connect.

Blizzard only recommends a low latency connection from a residential isp.

Bump. Still down for 3 days now. It says try again in few minutes. Can you please fix this. It’s getting annoying. I cant even contact support. It doesnt let me make ticket. When I have wrote to them and try to click continue I cant click it …

i also have same problem. just baught game on app store and cant go on line

Same thing for me has anyone found a fix yet?

Same for me and my brother, we playing on same IP and can’t connect now. Really sad as I’m trying to bring him back to Diablo 2… (He bought the game the same day )


How can we know how long we have to wait ?

still can’t play ……………

Hello I just purchased d2 & LOD from bnet last night. Was excited to start the grind of looting again after a decade break. I have now been having the same error message come up for me since last night " Blizzard is not responding. Please try again in a few minutes."

Please help Blizzard support!

Just re-installed and started playing again for the first time.

I guess I made the mistake of connecting to B. net from wifi?? I do this all the time to play Starcraft and Black Ops 4 but apparently doing this with D2 results in a ban from the servers because I can’t connect for the last 2 days now. lol

Wtf… At least with bots running on Battle. net we could still play. Now I can’t even play the game??? Wtf have you guys done.