Battle Net - Diablo 2


I’ve come back to this game after years away.

I found my Keys, downloaded the game. Read up on what I needed to do to make the game work.

I can not connect to a single realm. It tells me they are all not responding and to try again in a few minutes. It has been three days worth of trying without being able to connect.

Before you say, play offline, I have. It isn’t what I enjoy. I enjoy online play.

Is there any ETA on being able to play Diablo 2 online? If so, I would like to be made aware of the ETA as not to waste anymore time trying to connect to something Blizzard knows is down and won’t be fixed soon.

We are adults, just tell us if we should stop trying to play online.


We are not able to connect to classic bnet via VPN, proxie, web host nor a busness isp. If you’ve attempted to connect with any of those you’ll be restricted. If you need to know how long your restriction is, you could try asking by submitting a support ticket, don’t expect them to lift the restriction before it runs its course, because they wont. Blizzard only supports residential cable connects and they recommend a low latency.

Also, we can’t connect to bnet with the old 16 digit cd keys, we have to redeem them for the digital 26 digit keys and game downloaders.

I hope that helps.