Desktop App tries to open "About" link

BattleNet has been doing this to me for the past few days.

Whenever I open the app, a dialog box shows up (the one in the first image from the link below) and, even if I dismiss it, it just shows up, again and again, not allowing me to do anything on my computer, except for dismissing it or just agreeing to open the “about” link.

Opening the “about” link always results in the Microsoft Store opening and searching for the term “about”, as shown in the second image from the link below.

The dialog box stops reappearing after being dismissed about 50 times and then reappears after 2-5 minutes, if the BattleNet app window is active, rebeginning the cycle.

I would be very thankful if you could help me solve this issue!


  • this only happens in the BattleNet app
  • I have tried multiple antivirus and anti-adware software and none found any viruses or anything that can lead to this

Ive been having the same problem, do you have a account yet? If not then thats the problem. First you wanna go to battle nets official website and make an account there. Make sure you make a battle name for that account aka a username. After doing that you should be able to go into your battle net and log in. If that doesent work just tell me. I have other solutions too.

Hi FWTurpent,

I’ve got the same issue.
I’ve got an account, returning player.
And with Windows 10 I’ve got this irritating pop-up.
and if I Google it finds a lot of issues, but nothing “about link”
Do you or anybody have a solution?

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I am having the same bug rn.
Any fixes?

I’m having the same issue. Given it is affecting multiple people, can this be looked at in any way?

Experiencing the same problem. Any solutions my dudes?

Just curious what are you folks seeing? Anyone have a screenshot? Wondering if I’ve hit this before.

I have the same problem, COD warzone won’t even launch

anyone figured this problem out or… cause it’s still happening to me and I can’t find a way around it