Battle net client wont install games

My client will not install games. It started when it got caught in a “ is going to sleep” cycle, which I then uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no avail. I then used sfc /scannow in the command prompt, which fixed some files and allowed the client to launch, but is now stuck on the installation menu. When I try to reinstall Warzone and Vanguard it instead is stuck in a loading loop on the Warzone installation screen. I have updated graphics card and NIC drivers, launched the game with an administrator account, and restored the battle net launcher, all for nothing to come out of it.

If anyone has an idea please let me know, or if I need to provide additional information for context.


I join into this problem.
It took 3 days to fix this “…sleep”-cycle error ( BLZBNTBNA00000005)

Now I can log and see my games but installation wont start. It wont even go so far that it would ask where I want to install my game.

Tried to install following games

Ticket done about that BLZBNTBNA00000005 error code.
This time is not giving any error codes.

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I have used Avast for years now and I figured out that I had some Norton antivirus also on my computer. No idea how/when I have got that.

I downloaded Norton NRnR-install/removal tool and uninstalled Norton totally. After I restarted my computer started to work normally.

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