app with ExpressVPN


This is pretty absurd.
I have a paid VPN service (ExpressVPN), but I cannot use either Battlenet app nor log in a game (WoW Classic) when VPN is turned on.
This has previously been reported:

I’ve tried adding any possible exe file in Battlenet and WoW folders to exclusion list, but nothing seems to help.

I have a paid and active subscription for WoW - my identity is known to you, as well as confirmed, because well, I’m paying. What difference does it matter what IP do I connect from?

I’d maybe understand if I was trying to connect from another region - but I’m from EU, and just using an IP of another EU country, trying to connect to EU game region (for which I have a subscription).

Being allowed to use what I paid for doesn’t seem too far fetched to ask.


We are not permitted to connect to classic with a VPN. The restriction last 24 hrs to 2 weeks from the last time you connected with it.

We are permitted to connect from different ip addresses, but we are not permitted to connect via proxies or web hosts. I suggest submitting a ticket to find out how long the restriction is for.