Basic Feature Request For WoW Subscription Button

When I don’t have an active WoW sub, the clock next to the play button will tell me I need to renew it when my time is up. The problem with this is that clicking this button takes me to the page where I can set up a subscription, and I’m more the kind of person that likes to manually pay for each month as it comes. It helps me manage my money better and I like to think about taking time off to play other games sometimes (maybe that’s why it’s like that, Blizzard wants us to keep playing their game lmao). At least once I’ve accidentally set up a subscription instead of a non-recurring payment and had to go out of my way to cancel it. I still get the time I paid for and I don’t have to go through any waiting, it’s just a little annoying.

I feel like this button should take you to a page where you can choose whether you want a recurring or non-recurring payment, and then it takes you to the two pages already on the store where you choose the number of months you’re buying at a time. Currently the only way to make a non-recurring payment is to navigate the store manually, which is fine, but if a convenience button is there for subscriptions I would like it to be there for non-recurring payments too.

Edit: On the same topic, non-recurring game time should not be as hidden as it is in the store, it should be right next to subscriptions. Just now while looking for game time I thought it was removed in favor of subscriptions only.