Barb WhirlWind Bug - PC

More often than not, when you use whirlwind, it bugs your characters. Sometimes, you can’t move or use other abilities until you use whirlwind again to “reset” your character. Or, when you let go of the whirlwind button to activate, your character does not stop and just keeps going. This is an issue in PVP and some bosses.

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Looks like this happens with channeled skills and is not class dependent.

Would be nice to hear something from Blizz on this… I literally can’t play Barb.

I have the same problem. I just cant use channeled skills.

There pay gate works and that is all that matters :slight_smile:


The issue is caused when while channeling you try to use another skill before you stop channeling. Just make sure you let go of the channeling button before trying to cast another spell and you will be fine. Hope it gets fixed soon though :slight_smile: