Bans and threats

I was unfairly banned for using macro, I researched and asked if I could use it, they said yes, it is part of the keyboard and there is in the game, they still gave me bam, I only use one button, one, and now they make threats for me have asked for help. nobody does anything to help, they only harm, the game is full of bots and nobody does anything, and every day I report and even so the same bots are there, and I am banned that I play almost never

This forum category is only for discussing the web API as you can see here:

Blizzard will never give you permission to do something unless they make or totally control it. You can use the in-game macro maker. Anything else puts your account at risk if it breaks rules.

If you wish to appeal you can do so via ticket. You should have been given instructions in the email you got. You can appeal until they tell you the answer is final. Continuing to send in tickets after that is considered GM harassment.

As noted, this form is not for questions about appeals. None of the forums are.