Banned in BOCW, no reason given

I have received a permanent ban in BOCW. I have not gotten any information for the reason, no e-mail or notification as to why. I have gone over everything in the COC, and I have not violated any terms. For the last couple of weeks I have not played any multiplayer, I have only been playing zombies on solo. I have not been using any cheats or bots, never have, and never will. I am not using a VPN. I do not share my account or PC with anyone else. Twelve hours ago I have filled out a ticket for appeal, no response. I am furious, I spent good money on this game and have spent countless hours on progress. I want my account back ASAP.

If Activision banned you in one of their games you would have to take that up with Activision.

This is the Blizzard website so Support here only handles Blizzard games. If you submitted a ticket to Blizzard I am sorry, but they can’t help you with what another company does.